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Cannabis Edibles & Terpenes

Are you a chef or a cook?  Do you cook often at home?  Have you ever made a recipe with fresh...

THC Infused Wine, an interview with Jamie Evans

Jamie Evans is the founder of The Herb Somm, the author of multiple books and the creator or...

5 Best Places to Enjoy Weed Tourism (Legally, Safely, and Politely)

Whether you are a natural-born hermit, or a true social butterfly, a part of you is surely jonesing...

A Mindful Method (Part 1) : Marijuana and Meditation

10 Tips for a High Quality Weed Experience

To have the best cannabis experience, you need to know how to identify high-quality weed and then...

How Legit Is Interpening?

 Is it possible human senses alone can detect the psychotropic spectrum of cannabis?  The idea of...

Busting cannabis myths is our passion and pleasure!

Trichome Institute has been friends with Leafbuyer Technologies for half a decade and in that time...

Cannabis Decarboxylation

Check out the video below on cannabis decarboxylation and why it's so important for edibles!

Can hemp get you high?

Politicians and lawmakers may not want to hear this information, but I think many of you will.

Hemp Fiber, Clothing, Fashion, Sustainability, and more!

When will my hippie hemp clothing make it to the runway? 

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