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Can marijuana change your personality?

The Trichome team has been working on a lot of internal development since quarantine started in 2020.  Part of that development has been identifying the different personality types that we all have, so that we can better communicate and work together.  We took Enneagram and Myers & Briggs personality tests and I've spent a good amount of time studying all of our strengths and weaknesses, in order to promote self-awareness and positive change.

This morning when I woke up at 4am, with a billion thoughts racing through my mind, I started thinking about how I've witnessed my personality change over the last couple years.  Some people argue that your personality stays the same and you just mature, but I know for a fact that who I was a few years ago, is totally different than today.  

I then started focusing on what I was like when I used to get high (it's been over a year due to sudden anxiety after smoking).  My "high" personality then, is what my "sober" personality is like today.  I used to be really irritable, overly opinionated, and had an ego that would blow the roof off a building.  But when I got high, I was relaxed, I listened more than I spoke, and I showed a lot more humility.  

Fortunately, I've been doing a lot of... soul searching if you will, over the last two years, and I'm not the irritable clown I used to be.  I didn't trip in the jungle or seek out some kind of ego death, I just started focusing on my flaws and reading various things to help me control them.  It's been quite the process, but I'm wondering how much marijuana played a role in this progress?

I'm curious if the personality I've come to grow into over the last couple of years, stems from the fact that when I used to get high, I was "shown" who I could become if I had more self-awareness.  It's almost like marijuana unlocked my true self and even though I don't get high anymore, I've tapped into that personality because I know it's possible for me to be different.  

It's exciting to think about the many ways cannabis can show us who we are, who others are, and what the world really is.  Experiencing life from a difference lens is always a positive exercise.

So the next time you get high... really think about "who" you are high and figure out if that's who you want to be, all the time.