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Max Montrose

Max is the creator of Interpening and founder of Trichome Institute

A Curing Debate: What does it mean to properly cure cannabis?

It’s not uncommon for OG’s to engage in healthy debates over how to grow, cure, or extract cannabis.  Recently, I had a bizarre curing debate with a twenty-year veteran who owns a nice dispensary and grow. In fact, his garden is damn near immaculate and he even hires scientists as growers to ensure the highest quality organic cannabis available. You would imagine with a team and operation like this, the rest of the finished product would be primo dankness… but that’s where things get a bit sticky.    

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Crazy Leaf Types: Where did Freakshow cannabis come from?

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What are Micro-Seeds?

From time to time at Trichome Institute, we observe anatomic inconsistencies or anomalies of...

THC Infused Wine, an interview with Jamie Evans

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A Mindful Method (Part 1) : Marijuana and Meditation

How Legit Is Interpening?

 Is it possible human senses alone can detect the psychotropic spectrum of cannabis?  The idea of...

Busting cannabis myths is our passion and pleasure!

Trichome Institute has been friends with Leafbuyer Technologies for half a decade and in that time...

What is Jar Rot?

Jar rot can easily taint a quality batch of cannabis and slip through lab testing since it...

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