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Max Montrose

Max is the creator of Interpening and founder of Trichome Institute

How Legit Is Interpening?

 Is it possible human senses alone can detect the psychotropic spectrum of cannabis?  The idea of interpening, which is predicting the psychoactive effects of different hybrid cannabis types, can be a little complex. We have waited many years for a team of scientists and an objective approach to test aspects of interpening, which recently became available. The company, Abstrax, out of California is a team of scientists and researchers who developed a terpene super computer capable of detecting the effect differences of cannabis. Abstrax decided to put interpening to the test in late 2020 with some pretty interesting results. Let’s dive into how interpening works, how Abstrax tests cannabis samples, and how they put interpening to the test.

Busting cannabis myths is our passion and pleasure!

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