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Brandon Allen

Trichome Institute Partner. Cannabis Chef. Full-Time RVing with his bride and three dogs!

Cannabis Edibles & Terpenes

Are you a chef or a cook?  Do you cook often at home?  Have you ever made a recipe with fresh basil, oregano, or lemon zest?  If so, congratulations... you're an official terpene connoisseur!

10 Tips for a High Quality Weed Experience

To have the best cannabis experience, you need to know how to identify high-quality weed and then...

Cannabis Decarboxylation

Check out the video below on cannabis decarboxylation and why it's so important for edibles!

Can hemp get you high?

Politicians and lawmakers may not want to hear this information, but I think many of you will.

CBD and other Cannabinoids from Yeast

I've known about biosynthetic cannabinoids for a while, but I never really dove into the research....

Can a marijuana edible act as a sublingual?

Most people think of the stomach when it comes to an edible high, but what really makes the magic...

Cannabis Taxonomy Update: What do Indica, Sativa, and Ruderalis mean?

Cannabis: when we use this word, what are we really talking about? Since the 1700’s, there has been...

The History of the Word Marijuana

The extent of misinformation about cannabis in our culture has had drastic impacts both within and...

5 Things Your Dog Needs to Know About Cannabis

Your dog is a mammal and that means it has an Endocannabinoid System (ECS). So, cannabis may be an...

Terpene Infused Chimichurri Recipe

There have been terpenes in chimichurri since chimichurri was even a thing! Whatever herbs you...

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