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Brandon Allen

Trichome Institute Partner. Cannabis Chef. Full-Time RVing with his bride and three dogs!

10 Things Every Cannabis Chef Needs

Whether you're a professional chef or a home cook, here are the top 10 things anyone cooking with cannabis needs to have in their kitchen! 1.  Scale Scales are generally found in the kitchens of many bakers.  When fine tuning recipes for bread, cakes, and pastries, it's a lot more accurate to weigh out each individual ingredient.  A cup of one person's flour could weigh significantly different than another, depending on the flour, humidity, how the flour was packed into the cup, and the accuracy of the cup itself.  However, most savory chefs and cooks don't use scales nearly as often as a baker... until cannabis got involved! There are two types of digital sales that I would recommend having in your kitchen.  The first is a .01 gram scale, which is best when working with cannabis flower and infusion bases like olive oil or ghee.  The second is a .001 gram scale, which is best for weighing out concentrates, especially when you're using less than a gram worth. These are the two scales that I currently use on a regular basis in my kitchen.  They are super affordable and they've handled a bit of tough love as well.

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