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A Mindful Method (Part 1) : Marijuana and Meditation

“I experienced cannabis similar to the outrageous psychedelic nature of DMT: full psychedelic visuals, uncontrollable energy releases through my body, shamanic visions and guidance from spirit guides; all just from a little bit of cannabis” -Max

Marijuana and Meditation

The Flow

If you consult a handful of meditation masters on the subject of cannabis, many will tell you it’s bad for meditation because it prevents the mind from achieving true clarity. Many popular meditation teachers are openly against cannabis use in general, such as Sadguru. Here’s the deal: these meditation masters aren’t wrong, because they are masters, and they know what they are talking about. They are right that they don't need cannabis and it probably would interfere with the ways in which they achieve their meditative states. Kundalini meditation/yoga strictly requires abstinence from all substances including caffeine, sugar, even CBD... 

However, not all meditation is the same. There are hundreds of different modalities and methods to achieve a meditative flow, or shamanic state. For millennia, humans have used entheogens, like cannabis and other medicines, as tools for these practices because they work well, yet the consumption of these substances does not necessarily achieve a meditation state all on its own - there’s more to it than that. Before we dive into some ideas about how to use cannabis to achieve meditation, it's critical to point out the biggest wild card; tolerance. 

When I was younger, and had a low tolerance to cannabis. I would get high from the smallest amount of chronic, a puff or two. Sitting outside by myself after smoking some good weed in the sunshine, eyes closed, listening to the birds, I would go into deep meditative states of consciousness. I allowed my high to take my mind to deep and visual states of thought unlike regular thinking. I would see social scenarios from third person perspectives like a spectator of future events, seeing visions with clarity as strong and as real as dreams; fully awake, conscious, and I guess you could say stoned.

I’ve explained this state of consciousness to many meditation masters and they tell me this is a true, clear state of meditation; the same as they experience with their sober mental disciplines. This is why I believe stoned meditation is a method to achieve a meditative state. Meditation masters confirmed it for me. Those who have lower tolerances can achieve the stoned meditation state easier than others as long as the set and setting are legitimate (mind-set and meditation space).  

Trichome Institute Tolerance Scale


It's not as easy for us high-tolerance folk to get high or meditate with cannabis; or so you might think… Let me walk you through two types of meditations using cannabis with different tolerance levels.

Ganja Guru Yoga Meditation

Credit: @ganjaguruyoga

The Prep

If you are level 0 and 1 (from the Trichome Institute tolerance scale above), then you will have an easier time becoming high and quickly achieving a meditative state with a proper set and setting. If you are at the lower tolerance level, simply smoke some fine narrow leaf flower, something wispy, gassy, piney or citrusy, since these terpenes aid in the mental juice you need for this practice. 

Next, just sit or lay down so you're comfortable (while being sure not to go to sleep). You must be in a space with no distractions, but if you hear the world existing around you - like birds or dump trucks outside - that's just the world, totally fine. Be conscious of the sounds without allowing them to distract from your intentions. I always meditate in the bathroom… It may seem silly, but it's the greatest place in the house where I can control noise, temperature, humidity, and light the fastest; all things I am super sensitive to.

Once you’ve dialed in your mindset (the intention to set your mind free) and the setting (bathroom floor), it's time to separate yourself from your thoughts (the skill-set).  

Ganja Sana Meditation

Credit: @ganjasana

The Practice

Inhale through your nose, exhale through your mouth, slowly. Be quiet, and listen closely to your breathing. What else do you notice? Can you hear yourself breathe in your mind while feeling the texture of the floor and the humidity on your skin all at the same time? Don't think about any of it, simply recognize that all of those things are there and present.

Breath deeper. Become even more aware. And as you continue this, slowly, but surely, notice that you're standing in a dark movie theater. Don't think about it, just notice it, you in the theater, the floor under you, slowly breathing, and not distracted by these things you notice. Start to make your way up the stairs towards the back of the theater and take a seat in the middle row, very back, just you. 

The only thing in front of you should be an empty dark theater and on the screen are your thoughts... It's a bit trippy, but can you allow yourself to free-flow think in a stoned state while witnessing your thoughts from the back row? Don't try to not think, just be sure your thought process is happening outside of you, in front of your mind, gently, and just enjoy watching the show while you keep up with your breathing and awareness. If you suspend judgement and forget about time and just enjoy the movie, there's a good chance you’ll achieve a separation of consciousness, which is meditative.

When it happens for the first time, you’ll smile while you meditate, because you will be immersed in mindfulness and realizing you finally did it... Cannabis can help meditation be achievable with this little bit of effort. 

The Path

The method I just explained works regardless of tolerance level. I'll admit, I thought this wouldn't work for me because of how high my tolerance is. Yet with this method, I experienced cannabis effects similar to the outrageous psychedelic nature of DMT: full psychedelic visuals, uncontrollable energy releases through my body, shamanic visions, and guidance from spirit guides; all just from a little bit of cannabis combined with breathwork and ceremony.

For me, and I assume most others, dabbing doesn't work well for meditation since it's an over-saturation of cannabinoids, causing the receptors to dim down severely (hence the short high duration from dabbing). Many concentrates like wax and shatter don’t have high enough concentrations of terpenes (the juice) that helps the meditative state. Of course there are some very fine and terpene-heavy concentrates out there, yet the intensity of the consumption method and high-potency THC can impede your mindfulness rather than enhance it. From my experience, flower works the best for meditation.

Max Montrose Meditation

I live near Boulder, CO, where many people take hippy stuff very seriously. In fact, it's not really hippy stuff, it's just that hippy-like people easily attach to Eastern philosophies and practices which are highly regarded in Boulder. The point is, I’ve been privileged to experience some legit ceremonies where the set and setting involve community, an altar, magical items, casting protection spells, communicating our intentions, shamanic incense, low lighting, ethereal live music, prayer, breathwork, and sacred medicine. When you combine all of these things in a serious way, life changing experiences happen. I can't think of anything cooler, and it’s a pleasure to see normal muggle folk experience this stuff; they experience all levels of awakening, it never gets old. 

All of this in combination with some prayers, asking for guidance from spirit, your tolerance break / dedication to yourself and the multiverse all together is a ceremony. Plan it out, set a date, and do it with a group for a more intense experience. Maybe one day you’ll sit in TeePee with me and try my medicines; I’ll see you on the other side… 

Feel free to try my method and please let me know in the comments how it worked for you or if you have other ways!


Love, Light & L'chaim

I hope you learned something new 

@max.montrose @trichome.instute 


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